Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for publication at IEEE SOSE 2016:

Regular Papers

Performance evaluation of Information-Centric Networking for Multimedia Service
Complex Event Detection in Video Streams
Hypergraph Partitioning for Video Event Detection
DB&A: An Open Source Web Service for Meter Data Management
Modeling Trust in Cloud Computing
MidSHM: A Flexible Middleware for SHM Application Based on Service-Oriented Architecture
Eagle: An Agile Approach to Automaton Updating in Cloud Security Services
Towards a Mobile Assistive System Using Service-oriented Architecture
Leveraging In-transit Computational Capabilities in Federated Ecosystems
LTBD: A Traige Framework
Model-Oriented Web Services
Time Series Based Killer Task Online Recognition Service: A Google Cluster Case Study
Monic Testing of Web Services Based on Algebraic Specifications
Innovative Crowdsourcing Mobile app for Curriculum Design: specification for a prototype mobile application
May the Ontologies Be With You! Towards a User-Friendly Web-Based Editor for Semantic Web Service Description
Intermittent Data Dissemination Using Node Forwarding Capability Estimation in Vehicle Delay Tolerant Networks
High Performance Video Processing in Cloud Data Centres
Threat Modelling for Services in Cloud
An Approach for QoS-Aware Selection of Shared Services for Multiple Service Choreographies
On the Evolution of BPMN 2.0 Support and Implementation
Latency Aware Analysis of the Cloud Workloads for Reducing Excess Energy Consumptions at Cloud Datacentres
Distributed Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Processing Large Graphs
Cluster as a Service: a Container based ClusterSharing Approach with multi-user Support
CAOPLE: A Programming Language for Microservices SaaS
Evaluating the Ontological Semantic Description of Web Services Generated from Algebraic Specifications
Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Stream Processing Applications

Short Papers

Service Oriented Interactive Media (SOIM) Engines Enabled by Optimized Resource Sharing
Fault-Tolerant Composition of Web Services by using a Nondeterministic Planning Approach
Service-oriented Multi-tenancy (SO-MT): Enabling Multi-tenancy for Existing Service Composition Engines with Docker
Integrating Sensor Devices in a Service Oriented Framework: A Retail Environment Case Study

Poster Papers

Smart Brix – A Continuous Evolution Framework for Container Application Deployments
Monetization of Personal Identity Information; Technological and Regulatory Framework
A Systematic Review of Service-Based Reuse Environments
A Taxonomy to Characterize Web Service Discovery Approaches:Looking at Five Perspectives
Service Oriented System of Systems Architecture: Application for Software Engineering Tool Integration
Trust Analysis of Composite Service Evolution